1. Nancy Lopez With Showtime Grips.

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  2. Nancy Lopez Makes History At Augusta National Golf Club.

    Professional Golfer Nancy Lopez Using the Showtime USA Stars and Stripes Golf Grip at the Opening Ceremony for the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club During the Masters.

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  3. ShowTime grips announces endorsement agreement with the USSSA

    ShowTime grips is proud and please to announce that the USSSA ( endorses ShowTime grips for all sports associated with the organization including Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse, and Tennis.

    The USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) is a volunteer, sports governing body, non-profit organization based in Kissimmee, Florida. It was founded in 1968, originally in Petersburg, Virginia.    Originally USSSA stood for United States Slow-pitch Softball Association. However, in 1998 USSSA expanded in other sports. Currently USSSA governs 13 sports across the US, Puerto Rico, various US Military bases, and Canada and has a membership of over 3.7 million.

    ShowTime grips is an innovator of new grip technologies for Baseball, Golf, Lacrosse and Racquet sports.

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  4. ShowTime grips announces endorsement agreement with the NABF

    The NABF ( endorsed and recommends the ShowTime Baseball bat grips for use in affiliated NABF programs.

    The National Amateur Baseball Federation (NABF) was established at an organizational meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1914, and is the oldest continually operated national baseball organization in the country.

    The NABF is a nonprofit organization run by a number of Officers and Directors from all parts of the United States. These volunteers help keep the organization running smoothly, as regional and national championship tournaments are held coast to coast. NABF hosts over 50 regional tournaments, plus eight national championship tournaments, throughout the year.

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  5. Lacrosse Grips Are Here!

    ShowTime grips launches new custom series of Lacrosse grips. The new product reproduces the feel of traditional tape but allows for the companies innovative clear grip technology to be used for player customization.

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